Tyler Flowers

As a professional touring guitarist, Tyler Flowers will tell you he’s ‘played
a lot of really cool stages;’ it doesn’t get much more memorable than The Grand Ole Opry and the Ryman Auditorium. TV appearances on national shows like Conan O’Brian, Fox and Friends, and Better TV look good on
the resume. Touring the country with national acts Sarah Darling and Dakota Bradley has given Tyler exposure to thousands of fans. All these great experiences as a support player have led to Tyler’s desire to go out and showcase himself to the fans he’s made and to those about to know him.

Tyler is ready to introduce his own soulful singing style and authentic handcrafted songs to a much wider audience. He’s in pre-production for a full-length album of original songs. ‘I’ve been writing songs for years,’ Tyler smiled. ‘Being able to share them commercially is something I’m excited about. Playing them out is something I cannot wait to do!’

A winner of Nashville’s Puckett’s ‘Rising Star Songwriting Contest,’ Flowers is a natural performer when he hits the stage. Like-ability is
a word that immediately comes to mind when audiences watch Tyler perform. With his guitar in hand, Tyler immediate charms concertgoers with his easy and playful stage personality.

The clarity and tone of Tyler Flowers’ vocals set him apart. However, it’s his heart-felt melodies and honest lyrics that draw listeners in, and invite them along on his journey.

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